Bridge Your Assets From Ethereum to Pulsechain
and vice versa with ease

Get your assets bridged in less than 30 secs
PulseChain Bridge is a game-changing DeFi application that empowers users to seamlessly bridge their assets from other EVM-based blockchains, primarily Ethereum, to PulseChain. With its lightning-fast bridging process, enhanced security measures, and seamless user experience, PulseChain Bridge opens up a world of possibilities within the PulseChain ecosystem. By leveraging this innovative solution, users can explore new investment opportunities, optimize transaction costs, and diversify their asset holdings. Embrace the future of Defi finance with PulseChain Bridge!
Interoperable Bridge

PulseChain Bridge is a cutting-edge DeFi solution that addresses the need for interoperability between different EVM-based blockchains. Developed by a dedicated team of blockchain experts, the bridge simplifies the process of transferring assets by creating a seamless connection between the source blockchain (e.g., Ethereum) and PulseChain.

Anything locked on the Ethereum network bridge to the PulseChain network will be known as "[Token-Name] from Ethereum". E.g: "ETH from Ethereum" for ETH locked on Ethereum bridged to the PulseChain network.

How it Works

pulsechain bridge wallet connect illustration
Connect Your Wallet

click on the connect wallet button to start the bridging process

pulsechain bridge token select svg
Select Tokens & Assets

choose from the list of tokens available from the modal
the list of tokens will continue to grow as we're adding more tokens

pulsechain bridge final amount svg
Enter Amount &
Click Bridge.

Confirm the transaction on your wallet and it will be send to the PulseBridge contract which locks the asset chain it orignates from and a new assets wull be issued on PulseChain at a 1:1 ratio.

pulsechain bridge now image
pulsechain bridge
PulseChain Bridge Not Working?

Pulsechain is always online 24/7 and is blazing fast

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